100% Olive Oil Castile Soap Bar Unscented

Country Rose Soap

Castile Natural Unscented Soap - 3.85oz

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Handmade Castile Natural Unscented Soap - Buy any 3 Soaps and Save 10%

Our handmade natural Unscented Castile Bar Soap is made with 100% pure saponified olive oil, no other oils used! This moisturizing castile soap bar is mild, gentle, and hypo-allergenic, making it a suitable choice for babies, pets, and those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Product Details:

  • Pure Castile Unscented Bar Soap
  • Premium Pure Castile Unscented Soap Bar
  • Size: 3.85 oz
  • Vegan Soap Bar
  • Unscented Bar Soap
  • Country Rose Castile Soaps are handmade using traditional cold process soap making techniques. This soap bar is made from 100% pure olive oil, making this a true castile soap bar that contains no additional oils or additives
  • Country Rose Castile Soaps are Coconut Oil Free, Nut Oil Free, Gluten Free and contain No Preservatives
  • Country Rose Castile Soaps are Hypo-Allergenic, making them popular with our customers who suffer from allergies to many name brand soaps and cleansers
  • Country Rose Castile Soaps are gentle, pure soap bars that are suitable for those with allergies and sensitive skin, including babies and pets

Technical Information:

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Purified Water

INCI Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Water/Eau