WELCOME to the New Country Rose Soap Website! Tips for Setting up Your New Account.

WELCOME to the New Country Rose Soap Website! Tips for Setting up Your New Account.

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Welcome to the New and Improved Country Rose Soap website.  We are glad to have you here!

The creation of our new website has been a labour of love and we hope the new modern platform and look will make your browsing and shopping experience more pleasant. 

If you accessed our New website from your current browser settings, you will have noticed that www.countryrosesoap.com or www.countryrosesoap.ca now brings you to our New Rebranded website: www.countryrosecastile.com which will serve as a single platform for our customers in the United States and Canada.

The decision to rebrand our name was born out of our desire to communicate our commitment to what has always been our passion, our motivation, and our focus: the production of the best possible Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap Products.  We know and empathize how difficult the search for pure olive oil products can be and that is why we do our best to offer our customers with skin sensitivities, conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, or allergies to common soap ingredients such as coconut oil, pure olive oil castile soap products that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Over the past 25 years, we can honestly say we are so unbelievably humbled and grateful for the times when our customers -- who are more like friends – reach out to let us know how relieved they are to have found a soap or a shampoo they can use without breaking out in welts, hives, or having to endure the agony of irritated, unhappy skin and scalp.  Trust me, it’s a fantastic feeling to contribute in this one small way to a person’s enjoyment of the whole bathing experience.

After much consideration, we have selected Shopfiy for our new website platform.  While we trust you will be thrilled with the benefits from a new and improved platform, we also want to let you know you will need to create a new customer account or check out as a guest when shopping in our new store.  Your old account and password will no longer work because passwords are encrypted, meaning it is not possible to transfer this information from our previous website platform to Shopify.

As mentioned, Accounts are optional: you can create an account, but it's not mandatory to create an account to check out. If you do create an account and you’re logged in, then your address information is filled automatically when you place an order. You have the option to log in through the Already have an account? Log in link above the email entry field. Clicking this link prompts you to either enter your email address and password, create a new account, or continue to check out as a guest. Our checkout form also has a Save this information for next time option. If you select Save this information for next time during your checkout, then your browser saves the contact and shipping address information you entered for our store, and the next time you use our checkout your browser automatically fills in your contact and shipping address information.

Please note, Shopify doesn't store customer’s saved information. The information is cached by the customer's browser. After one year, Shopify causes the browser to clear the customer's cached information, providing the customer hasn't cleared their cache sooner.

To our old customers and friends, we sincerely thank you for your continuous support, and to our new friends and customers, welcome to the Country Rose Soap Family.