Reasons to Consider Our Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap Bars

Reasons to Consider Our Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap Bars

Employing artisan traditional cold process soap making methods, Country Rose Soap Co. has been making our Pure Olive Oil Castile Soaps from scratch, by hand, using the finest quality olive oil for the past 25 years.

Trying handmade soap is a real treat, but have you ever stopped to consider exactly, "what is soap?”

Soap is water, sodium hydroxide, (commonly known as lye), and fats (or oils).  When a lye and water solution is mixed with fats, the chemical reaction called "saponification" takes place -- the reaction of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, and fatty acid molecules.  The end result is made up of about 3 parts soap and 1 part glycerin.  Properly made handmade soap has no lye left in it, but it cannot be made without it.  Our ancestors made up a weak lye solution from wood ash to produce their handmade soap.

Glycerin is a rich emollient prized for its ability to moisturize the skin.  This prized commodity is retained in our handmade soap, but it is extracted in commercial soap as a valuable by-product, leaving the hard, drying soap bars of soap sold commercially.

Handmade soap, on the other hand, is rich and moisturizing.  It will soothe and soften the skin.  Country Rose Soap Company has dedicated years to perfecting our Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap bar formulations as we have made it our mission to produce high quality, pure olive oil castile soap bars to not only meet the cleaning needs of our customers with allergies or various skin sensitivities, but to exceed their expectations.
Olive oil makes the gentlest and mildest handmade soap. Therefore, it is the sole oil used to produce our 100% olive oil castile soap bars. Producing a 100% olive oil castile soap bar is not inexpensive, but we committed long ago to providing a cleansing solution for individuals suffering from allergies to ingredients such as coconut oil, or with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or Celiac disease.

Not all handmade soaps are created equal.  The percentage of oils used is extremely important to produce a mild and gentle soap.  Country Rose Soap Company is committed to using the finest quality natural ingredients.  For our scented Dead Sea Castile Soaps, we use pure essential oils and cosmetic grade kaolin clay to colour those soap bar options.

Our handmade natural soap batches are made with pride.  After saponification, the soap is removed from its wooden mold, cut into loaves, and finally into individual soap bars and then left to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks.  This curing time is imperative as it makes for a mild and gentle, hard bar of soap.  Because handmade soap retains its naturally occurring glycerin, each bar can be used right down to a fine sliver without cracking or drying like commercial soaps have a tendency to do

Our entire handmade soap making process takes over one month, but the end result is a handmade soap that lathers richly, moisturizing as it cleanses, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and supple.

If you have never tried handmade soap, you are in for a treat.  Country Rose Soap Company sincerely hopes you enjoy using our soap as much as we enjoy making them.

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