White Trigger Sprayer to fit 28-400 Neck Glass or Plastic Bottles

Country Rose Soap

White Trigger Sprayer for Glass or Plastic Bottles with 28-400 Neck

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White Trigger Sprayer

This 28-400 Trigger Sprayer fits 16oz Glass or 32oz Plastic Cleaner Bottles.  With a simple twist of the nozzle, this 28-400 White Trigger Sprayer can switch from a spray, to a stream, to off. This sprayer works great with bottles like our 500 ml Amber Glass Bottles and is perfect for products like room sprays, refreshing body mists, spray cleaning products and more!  

Product Details:

  • Fits any Glass Bottle with a 28-400 Neck Size like our 16 oz Amber Glass Bottle
  • Fits any Plastic Cleaning Style Bottle with a standard 28-400 Neck
  • Has a Spray, Stream or Off Feature
  • Great replacement pump for Refilling product making it great for the environment.
  • Allows buying bulk and refilling smaller, more convenient sizes