White Lotion Pump for Gallon Jugs to fit 38-400 Neck

Country Rose Soap

White Lotion Pump for Gallon Jugs with 38-400 Neck

Sale price$4.00 USD

White Lotion Pump for Gallon Jugs

This 38-400 White Saddle Pump is a heavy duty pump that works great with bottles featuring a 38-400 neck size like our 4 Litre Plastic Jugs. Perfect for products like body lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, liquid soap, castile soap, natural cleaning products to name a few.  Also works on 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon glass or plastic jugs that have a 38-400 neck. 

Product Details:

  • Fits any 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon jug with a 38-400 Neck Size
  • Dispenses 30CC (1oz) of Product per Pump
  • Comes with a lock down feature when not in use
  • Great replacement pump for Refilling product making it great for the environment.
  • Allows buying bulk and refilling smaller, more convenient sizes