32 oz White Ring Neck Refillable Cleaner Bottle with White Trigger Sprayer

Country Rose Soap

32 oz White Ring Neck Cleaner Bottle White Trigger Sprayer

Sale price$1.90 USD

Cleaner Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

This Refillable 32 fl. oz White Cleaner Bottle allows you to buy bulk and save money.  Also the perfect way to package your homemade DIY cleaning products (see our recipe blog for ideas).  This 32oz White Cleaning Bottle comes with a multi-function Heavy Duty Trigger Sprayer which has a Spray or a Stream selection feature.

Product Details:

  • Great for any type of spray cleaning product, including all purpose cleaner, window cleaners, insect repellant castile soap plant spray
  • Bottle holds 32 fl. oz / 946 ml
  • Comes with a Spray / Stream / Off Trigger Sprayer
  • Made of easily Recyclable HDPE Plastic.  
  • Refillable product making it great for the environment.